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If you are looking for a place to talk about crochet and knitting, we welcome you to join the conversation! Let’s talk about the best products and cover which yarns are best suited for that new afghan you want to make for Christmas. Whatever you love about yarn, we guarantee that someone here will share that same passion. So grab your knitting needles or crochet hook and let’s get started!


Gathering Ideas for My Home and Business from Prepping

I don’t know if it was something in my upbringing, or the fact that I’ve always had a suspicious, cautious nature, but I’ve always been very self-sufficient. I grow practically all of my own food and even make most of my own clothing. A few years ago, I discovered that it was possible to use my crocheting and knitting skills to help me earn the money I needed to over my expenses.

I’d love to tell you that I was able to earn enough from the projects I create to keep my bills paid, but that’s not strictly true. While selling hand knitted items makes up the bulk of my income, I still don’t make enough from my crafts and handmade clothing to support myself.

In addition to knitting sweater and crocheting heirloom quality tablecloths, I also spend a great deal of time dreaming up new crocheting and knitting patterns. Once I’ve perfect the pattern, I turn to a few online resources where I can market the pattern. It took a little time for people to find my knitting and crocheting patterns, I had to do some marketing, but now that I have built up a sort of following, I can easily expect to net about $100-200 every month from pattern sales. It doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up. I’m hopeful that this portion of my knitting and crocheting business will become little more lucrative each month.

I also teach knitting and crocheting classes each month at the local community center. When I first agreed to do this, I liked the idea of the fee I’d receive even though I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the teaching. I was surprised to find that I loved it. Not only have these classes made it possible for me to meet lots of interesting people, but some of my students have even become close personal friends of mine. Plus, it’s another group of potential customers.

It was one of these classes that eventually led me to the Prepping survival guide. One of my students happened to leave a copy of one of her Prepping guides on the table after leaving the class. I didn’t want it to get lost, so I tucked it into my purse, so I could return it during the next class.

A few days later, while waiting to get the oil changed in my car, I pulled the book out and started to read through it. I was intrigued by the amount of information it contained. While I’ve never considered myself much of a survivalist, the Prepping guide contained some useful information that has helped me change the way I do things, both on my little homestead and with my knitting and crocheting business. The Prepping blog contains some really good ideas. Now, my very own copy has it’s own special spot on my bookcase.


How I Used Electronic Cigarette Reviews to Help My Knitting Business

I don’t remember a time when I haven’t enjoyed knitting. My grandmother started teaching me the basics back when I was very little and that was all it took for the bug to bite. My grandmother left this world and moved onto the next several years back, but each time I start a new knitting project, I still feel her presence.

For most of my life, knitting was nothing more than a hobby. Most of the items I knitted were turned into gifts that I gave to my family members and friends. It wasn’t until recently that I learned I could actually turn my knitting into a business.

With the help of a young artist friend I have learned how to use eBay and Craigslist to sell the items I knit by hand. Then, about six months ago, we created a little Etsy shop and my sales really took off. I’m having a difficult time keeping up with the orders. Luckily, one of my nieces has been bitten by the knitting bug and is doing some nice projects that she’s selling. She’s hoping to earn enough over the next few years from the shop to purchase supplies and pay for a year of college.

I’ve learned a lot about being a businessperson. One of the lessons I’ve learned is to always get the money up front. I’ve only been scammed once, but it was an education experience. Even on the pieces I do on commission I made sure that I get paid for at least half before I start the project.

I’ve also learned that quality is important. Several of my customers have been thrilled with the fact I only use the best supplies when knitting a project. They have told me all kinds of horror stories about how they’ve purchased products that looked great but quickly fell apart because the knitter either used low quality yarn or lacked the experience needed to create an afghan or sweater that would last for years and years.

I’ve also learned that smoking is bad for business. I’ve always smoked when knitting because I found the nicotine helped my mind relax and encouraged the creative process, but it turns out that no one wants to buy products that have been created by a smoker, which was all the encouragement I needed to put away my cigarettes and replace them with e-cigs.

I’ll admit that it took a little time to find a brand of e-cig that worked for me, but I read lots of electronic cigarette reviews and used them to help form opinions about what brands would be a good match for me. When reading the electronic cigarette reviews I paid attention to two things, what brands were high quality and were sold by reliable companies, and which brands produced an odorless vapor. When I had questions, I posted them in the comment section of electronic cigarette reviews and the authors would quickly answer them. The reviews saved me a great deal of trial and error. Now I’m a happy knitter and vaper!


3 Health Benefits Of Knitting

Knitting has all sorts of health benefits but today we are going to focus on three of these. The first and in my opinion the most important health benefit of knitting is stress relief. I don’t know about you but stress can sometimes get the best of me and it can make me feel as if everything isn’t going to be alright, even if it probably is. Knitting gets your mind focused on something besides your problems and worries of the day and helps you to relax much like a glass of wine might do for some people. Crafts like knitting engage both your mind and your body and this is a great way to help you feel more optimistic about your life and your future.

Another great health benefit of knitting is lower levels of anxiety and depression. This is a lot like less stress but it goes a bit deeper. By using your hands and your mind in conjunction with one another you are sending your brain feel good signals. Your brain is also busy and therefore cannot wander and begin to dwell on things that you have no control over, such as the underwriting of a home loan for example (what I am currently going through). There is nothing worse than feeling hopeless about a situation because you actually are helpless and cannot control the issue no matter how hard you try or may want to.

Lastly another health benefit of knitting is lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, preventing illnesses and even prolonged life, up to three years as a matter of fact. It seems if you will turn the television off and rest your brain a while and knit you will live long and prosper!

Choosing the Yarn for your Next Knitting Project

One of the most important things when it comes to knitting projects is choosing the yarn you’re going to use. If you use the wrong yarn, the final project won’t be what you expected and you’ll have wasted both the supplies and your time.

Stay away from low quality yarns. Cheap yarns tend to be harder to work with and the scarf or afghan you make won’t withstand the test of time. Instead of purchasing cheap yarn, look for sales and buy large quantities during these events. Not only will you save a ton of money, but you’ll also always have yarn on hand whenever you want to start a new project. If you’re creating a final project that is going to need to be washed from time to time, you need to make sure you’re working with a color fast yard so the colors don’t run or fade.

Read the pattern instructions very carefully. The pattern creators will have included information about the yarn gauge you should use. Do what the instructions tell you. This will make your life much simpler and guarantee that the final product will be wonderful. After you have used the same pattern a few times, you can experiment with different yarn gauges.

If the pattern you’re working with calls for stich pattern or cables you will want to stick to yarn that has a smooth ply. The smooth yarn draws attention to the craftsmanship, turning the scarf, afghan, or sweater into a real work of art.

The final thing to consider is the color of the yarns you’re using. Not only do you want to consider the personality of the person you’re giving the final project to and what colors they like, you need to look at how the different colors work when mixed together. The best way to do this is laying several strands next to one another. Good luck!

How Knitting Changed Everything

When it comes to having a lot of money, my family does not stack up. I grew up in a home with lots of brothers and sisters. There were actually 15 kids in our home and that means that mom and dad were always trying to feed or cloth us. My dad worked his fingers and hands to the bone, day and night. Atone point he actually worked 3 different jobs all so that he could provide for the needs of his family. It really is funny how things have changed. Now days the average family has 4 people total, and yet it is a struggle to make the ends meet. Could you imagine having a family as large as 15 in the economy of this day and age? Needless to say my mother was always looking for ways to save money and make things work better. One of the hardest times in the year was always around the colder winter months. Winter was harsh here and the kids were always cold. So my mother did what any good mother would do, she learned to make her on clothes and her on blankets.

My mother knew how to make things. Her ability to knit is what changed our life. Not only was she able to make the blankets that we needed in order to stay warm, but she also made the hats we needed, the gloves we needed, and she made the scarves that we needed. The yarn was spun from the lent that she collected from our clothes. Knitting changed everything in my life. What about you?

His First Booties

My wife and I recently welcomed our first child into this world. It was a magical moment when we realized that we were parents. How amazing is it to actually hold a child that you created? We were amazed and we still are. Leading up to the birth there were many different parties and gatherings that were dedicated to our sons arrival. Many of our friends were so kind to give us gifts that we would need when the little boy finally came home. Among those items were things like a bed, toys, clothing, and even a few balls. But we noticed that there was one thing missing from all the items. There were no shoes. Now we are aware that newborn babies do not wear shoes. We did however want the little guy to have something that could cover his feet. Since babies lose so much heat from their feet, the feet need to be covered.

My wife loves to knit and she decided that I might be neat to knit a pair of booties for our son. Well she did just that. She used blue yarn and then she added a few surprises for me as well. I love cars, so she decided to add a car design into the booties, just for me. When we took our little man home the best pair of booties the world has ever seen covered him. My wife did such an amazing job! Do you have a story like this? Have you used yarn to make a lasting impression on the life of someone else? If so then lets discuss this further.

Christmas Ideas

As you know Christmas is just around the corner. The time of year when people lose their minds and they purchase items they don’t like, with money they don’t have, to give to people that they don’t like, all in the hopes of impressing people that they do not usually care for. Christmas is a strange time indeed. Gone are the days when we simply gathered as a family and enjoyed the company that each member offered. Anyway, as Christmas draws closer there is going to be a desire on your part to purchase gifts for your family and friends. Might I make a quick suggestion? Have you ever considered using items that you already have? I am not talking about re-gifting a crumby old gift from someone else. I am talking about making something from scratch with yarn. We all enjoy knitting, so why not use that to our advantage?

Here is a quick rundown of a few items you could make for the upcoming Christmas holiday. First, the time tested blanket. Everyone likes to cover up in the cool of winter. Why not make a nice warm blanket for a person in your family? Another option could be a hat. This is especially good for young kids. Since they like funny animals and they love to go outside in the snow, why not make them a toboggan? Another option, and perhaps the hardest, is the bedspread. This is a great idea for parents or grandparents. The options are endless and you could probably make many other items that we have never discussed. The point is to use yarn to make Christmas brighter for someone else.

What Is Your Favorite Yarn Made Item?

I have been using yarn for many years. I learned early on that yarn has many different uses. Yarn can be used to make clothing and yarn can be used to put things back together. Yarn can also be used to bind items together. I am an avid knitter and I would imagine that I have used over a thousand different types of yarn in my life. I love the product and I love the versatility of the product. The real question that I want to discuss is what your favorite item is? What is it that you have made, using yarn, that you are the most excited about? I have several items but there is one in particular that I truly love. My favorite item seems a bit simple but there is a huge story that goes along with it. We have a huge Afghan in the house that I made for my husband just before his heart surgery.

This blanket started out as a hobby but it soon turned into a work of love. It took me several months to actually finish the darn thing, mainly because I was spending so much time taking care of my husband and making sure that he was doing ok. The blanket is multicolored and it is probably the largest item that I have ever created using yarn. Do you have any stories like this one? Is there one item in particular that you like more than the others? Yarn is such a great material to make new memories with! Perhaps you have a blanket or a scarf that you like. Lets discuss this further. I cant wait to hear your thoughts.

What Is Your Favorite Color

When I was a young girl my mother always sat on the couch and used a large ball of yarn to make amazing new creations. I was always amazed at what she was able to produce. How did she do it? I would try to learn but I was so young that I couldn’t quite grasp what she was trying to teach me. Fortunately she was able to finally teach me the great skill of Knitting. Since that time I have spent every free moment making sweaters, shirts, scarves, hats, and even blankets. But there has always been a pressing question that I have not been able to answer. What is your favorite color of yarn? It might seem a bit odd but this is a huge deal in the knitting community. Almost every person has a favorite color but I have not been able to land on just one. I like them all. There are unique qualities in every color. Allow me to explain.

My favorite color is blue. It would seem normal that my favorite yarn color would be blue. Right? Actually, it isn’t that simple. Blue is only my favorite when I am trying to convey a sense of coolness. I have found that the color blue is great to make something appear to be cooler. I have also learned that red makes an item seem warmer. Green is a great color to make an item seem fresh, and yellow is a great color for making an item seem bright. As you can see there are many different options that you have at your disposal. So the real question is, what is your favorite color?